DOUG BARRETT & THE DEAL BREAKERS is a 5pc group of life-long friends who've played together in many different bands of various genres over the years - from Jazz to funk to hard rock. This particular line-up has been together about 2 years. We already have a 60+ song repertoire & strong following. We love to play music & we definitely bring the party!

Stevie Ray Vaughn, Howlin’ Wolf, Elmore James, ZZ Top, The 3 Kings, Little Walter, Jimmy Witherspoon, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Allman Bros., Joe Walsh, Robin Trower, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jethro Tull, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, & many, many more.

Doug Barrett - guitar, vocals. Doug grew up playing rock & metal & has carried his energetic style & shredding ability to the blues. His solos are super-tasty & heartfelt. 

Justin Wooster - Drums, lead vocals. Justin started taking drum lessons at the age of 8. He played in a successful funk-rock band who sold out many shows in the 80s & 90s called The Corleones. Justin also plays guitar & bass, writes his own songs & is currently in 3 gigging bands. Justin is a regular at the Pioneer Saloon Sunday Blues Jam & his musical palette is about as broad as it gets. 

Marco Villalobos - Marco is an incredibly soulful & talented singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist. He was the founder of several successful original bands, including The Corleones, The Murderachi’s, & Graves Brothers Deluxe.

Paul Sassenberg - Bass. Paul is a collector of vintage gear & has played bass since the age of 12. His playing style is refined, solid & deep in the pocket. 

Vince Arellano - Percussion, vocals. Our newest member, Vince is a talented multi-instrumentalist & songwriter. His stage presence demands the attention of the audience & he really brings a fun party vibe to every gig.

We are talented & professional. We know how to play and sing and entertain a crowd. We're very easy-going and reliable & we know what clubs expect from us. We put a lot of thought into the songs we choose to cover. We play a wide range of blues & classic rock tunes - some that folks are familiar with & some deep cuts that folks may not know, but are super-catchy. We are mainly a blues band, but no 2 songs sound alike & that's one of the main compliments we get from people.

We have played at the following SF bay area venues: Surf Spot (Pacifica), Devil’s Canyon Brewery (San Carlos), Cheers (Pacifica), Winter’s (Pacifica), The Bistro (Hayward), Backyard Coffee (Redwood City), The Pioneer (Woodside), and several private parties. We make eye-catching, unique flyers for each show (Justin is a graphic designer), which we print and post to social media. We also pay for Facebook advertising to promote shows.

We can tailor the setlist and line-up to suit your venue or occasion - from a 5-pc electric band to a 3-pc. acoustic line-up for more intimite settings.



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Sun., Feb. 24, 2019 

Sat., Mar. 9, 2019 

Sat., Apr. 6, 2019 

Molloy's Tavern
South SF, Ca
8:30pm, 21+, No Cover

Winter's Tavern
Pacifica, Ca
4:30pm, 21+, No Cover​
FDR Brewery
San Francisco, Ca
7:00pm, 21+, No Cover​